Eye Care to Suit You


What better way to express your personality and sense of style than through your eyewear. As much a fashion accessory as they are a functional solution for vision correction, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to frame selection.

Whether the look you desire is glamorous, classic, retro, ultra-modern, bold or playful, at Total Optical, we can help you to find the perfect eyewear to suit your personality, lifestyle and wardrobe.

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Spectacle Lenses

Like many others, you may be under the impression that all spectacle lenses are more or less the same. The truth is there is a lot more to lenses than meets the eye, with many of the benefits that can be built into them not visible at a glance.

The good news is that you don’t need to be an optical expert to become actively involved in selecting lenses that will benefit your vision, lifestyle and image.

Whilst our optometrists will evaluate your visual needs to determine what type of vision correction your lenses need to provide, there are numerous other decisions you can make to enhance the day-to-day functionality.

Contact Total Optical to understand the key features and benefits that can be built into your lenses. Our staff will match ideal lenses to your needs and budget.

Contact Lenses

If you’re considering contact lenses or it’s been some time since you’ve worn them, the latest contact lens technology delivers convenience, health, comfort and choice.

Almost everyone who wears glasses may enjoy the freedom and convenience of contact lenses. The latest advances in material and design means greater health and comfort for your eyes than ever before. So if it’s been a while since you’ve worn contact lenses or you’re considering them for the first time, you’re likely to be delighted with the result.



In the same way that sunscreen protects our skin, sunglasses are necessary to protect our eyes from glare and damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new pair of sunglasses, understanding what to look for will help you to achieve the best level of sun protection, vision and comfort.

Should you require prescription sunglasses, then our Optometrist can show you a range of scriptable options in the latest designs and styles. No one will even know that your sunglasses are scripted.

Polarised sunglasses and sports eyewear options are also available in prescription or as standard non-prescription, ideal for contact lens wearers.

Alternatively, please call in to our practice to find out about the latest sunglass looks.


‘Ortho-k’ lenses are designed to progressively reshape the central surface of the cornea systematically, similar to the effect of lasers in reversing near sightedness. However, unlike laser surgery, the effect of Ortho-k is temporary and reversible.

After treatment, maximum results are achieved and retainer lenses are worn to stabilise and maintain the new cornea shape.

Ortho-k is used to try and contain myopia or retard its progression in children and teenagers. It also offers children and young adults many more options with regard to their choices for myopic correction when they reach adulthood.

Many people have been able to eliminate their dependence upon their glasses and standard contacts with no adverse effects or eye damage.

A thorough consultation and examination using advanced computerised diagnostic instrumentation can easily determine if Ortho-k is right for you.

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Rudy Project Sports Glasses

The world’s most advanced digital surface lenses, fully personalised for your lifestyle. We’ve combined Free Form technology and a full coverage 8 base wrap design to bring you FreeForm TEK coupled with unbreakable ImpactX-2 lens material. With these combined, ImpactRx creates simply the Best Prescription Sport Lens in the world.

Due to its minimal wrap, our preference is to use Rydon frames when supply sports prescription glasses. Rydon is a classic that was first designed in Italy in 2003 plus spare parts and lenses are easy to replace. It is the best selling sports sunglass in the Rudy Project range. It now comes in a ‘slim’ option to suit small faces.

Choose from having your prescription lenses inserted ‘Direct in frame’, or use a specially designed ‘RX Clip’ that holds your prescription lenses between your nose and the lenses of the Rydon so that if you want to wear contact lenses, you simply remove the clip and go.

* Due to the curve of the Rydon frame, Direct in frame prescription lenses are power limited and Total Optical would need to see your script to confirm if it can be made.

Orders take 4-5 weeks from the date of order as they are made in Italy.