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Light Modulation® Low Level Light Therapy is a unique, completely painless photobiomodulation technology employed in various fields of medicine.

Developed originally by NASA, LLLT has proven effective in treating DED’s root cause: Meibomian Glands Dysfunction. LM® LLLT uses custom-made LED light to gently warm up the eyelids, causing the meibomian glands to unclog and release oils, providing immediate relief to the patient.

The treatment improves symptoms of the disease after only a few hours.

The Meibomian glands resume the production of lipids necessary to the eye’s functionality, managing Dry Eye Disease effectively. The treatment is not painful, it lasts only a few minutes and allows for an immediate return to normal activities. To manage Dry Eye Disease long term, just a few sessions (1 to 4, depending on severity) at different intervals (5 to 10 days) are needed, ultimately achieving an optimal result.

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